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I Made a Mistake…


Last fall, I was convinced to engage in a different kind of marketing strategy than I’ve ever engaged in before. Let’s say it was an ‘immersive-style’ marketing campaign. The basic idea was to pick one of our three practice areas, and focus everything on that one practice area for a period of time. I was shown projections and numbers that I believed and made good business sense. I was told that it would take two months or so of engaging in this marketing campaign to really take hold and start showing results. Because of the timing of everything, I chose our Tax Law practice to focus on first.

After engaging in this marketing campaign for a period of time, I saw results. Tax Law case volume was up, revenues were up, our systems and procedures were humming along well, and clients were happy. It appeared to be going well!

In late March, I was contacted by a professional referral source that I had not heard from in a while. We had worked together some time ago, and they had previously referred people to my office for Family Law help. After catching up with each other for a few moments, the referral source asked me a question that made my stomach fall to the floor. They asked me, “Since you don’t take family law cases anymore, can you direct me to someone I can send people?”

Oh. S**t.

We talked for a time about the marketing campaign I was engaging in, what my office’s three practice areas were, and that I would help whoever they gave our contact information to. As I hung up the phone, I realized what a terrible mistake I had made.

We are NOT just a Tax Law firm. We help people with family law issues, commercial (B2B) collections, and tax issues. Our dedication to helping people with those problems has not wavered. It never has. It never will.

The idea that our friends, referral sources, and colleagues may have gotten the impression that our dedication to those people really bothers me, especially in regards to family law. As some of you know, I personally have a dedication to family law that runs very, very deep. From my biological father dropping out of my life at a early age, to my dad adopting me, to my custody struggles with my oldest son, and the issues with my younger three, my personal dedication to being the lawyer I needed when I was younger will not waiver. It’s part of who I am, and as long as I’m at the helm of this ship, that’s what my firm is going to do.

We’ve changed the website and put up basic pages about all three of our practice areas. We will be adding pages and content in the future. Our blog posts will be addressing all three of our practice areas, and we hope to be posting at least once a week. We are planning on publishing podcasts in the future as well, and now those planned podcasts will be addressing all three of our practice areas. We are working on having whitepapers available for download, as well as other resources in the future as well. These whitepapers will be geared toward aspects of all three of our practice areas.

I want to directly address our professional referral sources now: To refer people to us took trust in us that we would take care of the people you referred, and I am sorry if we breached that trust by giving inaccurate impressions from our marketing campaign. Please accept my apology for that. It now makes sense why we haven’t heard from some of you in a while, and I regret that. Please know this was a marketing mistake, and that we will continue, just like we always have, to take care of and help the people you refer to us just like we have before.

– Jesse M. Marzen